VCAP-CID Exam Experience

So at VMworld 2014 Europe I sat the VCAP-CID exam, on Monday the 13th of October to be exact. I passed with 30 min left on the clock. Barely.

How hard was it and what resources did I use to pass?

So lets begin with the difficulty level. I had no idea how the exam was going to be, but I figured it would be like the VCAP-DCD exam, which is according to most people very tough. I’m sure if this is the first VCAP design exam you will do the VCAP-CID exam is actually a bit tougher than its DCD cousin, as it covers the VAF (VMware Architecture Framework) using vCloud Director and also how to operate/manage VMware Cloud environments. But there is a reason why it was tough, and perhaps tougher than it should have been for me.

The main reason the exam was tough was that I hadn’t covered all the sections in the Blueprint. I’ve been covering the VCAP-CID exam blueprint as a part of my studying, and since I was doing that I might as well blog about it, which I’m doing at this page:

VCAP-CID Study Notes

At the time of the exam I had only covered the first three Sections and but had read the vCAT documents at least 2 times before. Going through the Blueprint sections helped me immensely and I recommend going through them as well, or reading my Study Notes, which ever helps 🙂

And of course if you have taken the DCD you know how the exam is set up, with its Visio and Drag-and-Drop questions. The most time is spent on these.

Other material I gathered, but only covered the BOLD items before the exam:

As you can see there is a lot of good material on vCloud Director, but the main thing to read  the vCAT documents, they are an invaluable resource on vCloud Director designs.

If you have taken the DCD the Conceptual->Logical->Physical aspect of the exam is pretty straight forward, but if not I recommend spending some time on reading the material for Section 1 in the blueprint.

A part from that I really can’t tell you more 🙂

But do read on other bloggers experiences as well as its always good to get a second (or nine in this case) opinion 🙂

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2 thoughts on “VCAP-CID Exam Experience”

    1. Thanks Andrea. It is quite hard, but manageable if you cover the blueprint, read the vCAT multiple times and all the whitepapers. And some design experience helps as well 🙂

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