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vSphere Design Pocketbook

Recently I had the privilege to be selected as a contributor for the new vSphere Design Pocketbook v3, published by Pernixdata, where IOs are eaten for breakfast.

vSphere Design Pocketbook 3 cover

As the name implies this is the third edition of the book, each one with a different format.

First one had many tweet sized recommendations, the second on included longer posts on design and technical components while this third one is a mix of both.

The social edition, or the online edition only with more fancier name, can be downloaded right here. A physical copy will probably be available at various trade shows where Pernixdata has a presence.

Even as biased as I am I recommend picking up a copy for you and all your closest relatives, cause they will love you forever when you send them a copy. (results may vary).

And as a PernixPrime I also recommend you to check out Pernixdata based on their slogan:¬†“Keep you CPU and memory close, but your IOs even closer”. (this is not their slogan and should be regarded as nonsense).

Happy designing!