This section of the blog will cover my journey to the VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) certification, what helped me and might help others in their journey. I want to make sure these are just me personal recommendations and are in no way the only path to take when going the VCDX certification. Any feedback and comments are highly appreciated.

The section will be categorized based on the work phases you go through when studying for the VCDX. I believe most people go through these phases but this of course varies between people.

My Journey

The Planning:

  • VCDX: Planning and Preparation
  • VCDX: Past Experiences
  • VCDX: Must Read Content

The Documentation:

  • VCDX: Supporting Documentation
  • VCDX: Design Document Layout
  • VCDX: Project Selection
  • VCDX: General Documentation Recommendations

The Defense:

Life After VCDX

  • VCDX Thinking